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Ilyse Reisman | Penn dining’s conversion policy scams its students

(06/13/19 7:53pm)

All first-year students are required to be on one of Penn’s dining plans: Away from Kitchen (240 swipes per semester and 140 dining dollars), Balanced Eating Naturally (170 swipes and 225 dining dollars), or Best Food Fit (138 swipes and 400 dining dollars). But even those who have the dining plan with the fewest swipes are left with an excess at the end of the semester, and unable to carry their swipes over.

Maeve Masterson | Why metal straws are not enough to fight climate change

(06/06/19 1:57am)

As members of Gen Z, we are left with no choice but to submit ourselves to a lifelong quest for environmental solutions. Although many Penn students feel protected and subsequently removed from climate change effects, the recent onset of the sustainability trend paraded across social media feeds, embedded within marketing campaigns, and embodied by Penn’s green campus initiatives, has brought the issue much closer to home, mobilizing many to join the movement. But how long will it last? And is it really doing enough?