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James Morrison | Reconnect with your high school teachers

(06/21/19 1:01am)

I always thought I hated my high school. Although it was relatively large as far as public high schools go (around 2500 students across all grades), nestled as it was in a small town, I couldn’t help but feel that by the time graduation hit, everyone knew each other just a little too well. The school board was embroiled in small town politics, and the decisions they handed down on a number of issues rarely lined up with the interests of the students. The physical structure of the building in which I spent four years of my life had started to feel small and suffocating, and I was ready for a change. When I walked across the stage at graduation, diploma in hand, I fully intended to never look back. 

Alex Silberzweig | Don’t let your parents determine your career path

(06/18/19 12:20am)

There’s something about going home for the summer that initially seems so satisfying. It’s been about two months since your last break, and you’ve just finished a grueling round of finals, so you feel more than ready to see your dog or curl up in your own bed. But a few hours after that first warm hug and that nice “I’ve missed you” from your loved ones, you get hit with a wave of questions about your intended area of study and subsequent career plans. Expect to be compared to at least one relative in the family, and field a few questions on why you’re not more like him or her. 

Graduate associates relocated for summer construction in dorms criticize move-out process

(06/24/19 1:14am)

Roughly forty Penn graduate associates were relocated to Sansom Place West from the freshman quad, Kings Court English House, and Du Bois College House in late May due to construction and renovation work. However, many GAs said Penn Business Services handled the move poorly due to a lack of flexibility and communication. 

Ilyse Reisman | Penn dining’s conversion policy scams its students

(06/13/19 7:53pm)

All first-year students are required to be on one of Penn’s dining plans: Away from Kitchen (240 swipes per semester and 140 dining dollars), Balanced Eating Naturally (170 swipes and 225 dining dollars), or Best Food Fit (138 swipes and 400 dining dollars). But even those who have the dining plan with the fewest swipes are left with an excess at the end of the semester, and unable to carry their swipes over.