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Bridget Yu | Here’s a quick list of Penn's most helpful resources

(08/13/19 2:31pm)

If there’s one thing I wish I had known about before coming to Penn, it’s the resources and opportunities that Penn and Philly have to offer. While Google searches and Wikipedia pages do have their benefits, Penn students know their campus and surrounding area best. I would have wanted to hear it all from a fellow Penn student, so I will be that student for you. 

Alexa Rybicki | Penn students should make use of Pottruck

(08/15/19 2:54pm)

Homework, hanging out with friends, studying for midterms, grabbing dinner … sounds like your week, right? But where does going on a run or making a trip to the gym fit in? It is so important to stay active and exercise as often as you can in college. Although it might have been easy to get exercise through involvement in a sport or active club in high school, it can be a lot more challenging in college, when sports become super competitive and class work piles up. Penn makes going to the gym and exercising accessible, and maybe even fun, for its students. 

Guest Column by Brittany Xiao | Callowhill BID could harm Chinatown's immigrant communities

(08/08/19 2:26pm)

For the last 50 years, developments of all forms, including a baseball stadium, a casino, and a detention center, have been proposed both inside of and surrounding Chinatown. Another proposal by a large developer, which calls for the implementation of a Business Improvement District in Chinatown North, could further threaten this immigrant community. A BID is a commercial district in which all the property owners must pay an annual fee in exchange for special services such as cleaning, greening, and lighting.