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Photo Essay | Men's Lacrosse Historic 2019 Season

(8 hours ago)

In the season opener, Penn fell to Maryland 13-12 in overtime. Penn's next two games continued to spell out another lackluster season, with a 17-7 loss to Duke and 15-14 loss to Penn State. 2016 was the last time Penn had a positive record, and 2014 had been its last postseason appearance. The future seemed bleak, and little was expected of Men's lacrosse. 

From racial inequality to Game of Thrones, here's a recap of Penn's 263rd commencement

(05/21/19 7:44am)

Early on May 20, graduates, families, and alumni gathered at Franklin Field to attend Penn’s 263rd Commencement ceremony. The event featured a speech from Bryan Stevenson, an award-winning author and criminal justice reform advocate, who called on graduates to rethink racial injustices existing in present day United States. 

Guest Column by Daniel Khashabi | Thanks to politics, I am mourning at graduation

(05/16/19 4:00pm)

Once the biggest international student body in the United States, a myriad of political events has transformed every single angle of the Iranian immigrant experience. With the turmoil of Iranian revolution, followed by war and oppression in the Middle East, different waves of Iranian immigrants have come here to find a safe haven in the United States. They are right here at Penn — possibly your neighbor, friend, or teacher — and have been contributing as historians, doctors, architects, chemists, and engineers. However, like any other immigrant experience, it is paved with different forms of xenophobia, racism, and religious hatred. In order to understand how and why we got here, one has to put the historical context of the past few decades into perspective, and use this understanding in order to shape a better future. 

Guest Column by Daniel Song | Show exchange students some love

(05/12/19 4:01pm)

How time flies. It felt like it was going to go on forever, but after 14 long weeks of classes plus draining finals, my exchange semester is, alas, coming to an end. Now, with just one last exam in the way of my swan-song walk down Locust, I’m a mixed bag of feelings, with happiness and regret competing for attention in my heart.