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A look into Trump's impact on Penn after his first year in office

(01/20/18 6:35pm)

Jan. 20 2018 marks exactly a year since President Donald Trump was inaugurated, beginning one of the most turbulent, controversial administrations in U.S. history. It also marks a full year since Penn has had a graduate in the country's top office; a full year since "the Wharton School of Finance" and the Penn brand in general has inevitably been pulled into a national discussion surrounding Trump and his credibility as a leader. 

Friends and family mourn the sudden death of College freshman William Steinberg

(01/03/18 5:09am)

College freshman William Steinberg, 18, was among 10 American tourists who died in a fatal plane crash on Dec. 31. Steinberg, who was traveling in Costa Rica with his family, died when his plane, which was traveling from the resort town of Punta Islita on the Pacific coast, crashed into a mountainous region.

A former Penn women's rowing coach faces multiple allegations of sexual misconduct

(12/26/17 9:28am)

Larry Wittig, a longtime rowing coach who rose to a top leadership role in the Pennsylvania education system, resigned from his position as chair of the state Board of Education this week after The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on multiple allegations of sexual misconduct that occurred while he worked as a coach affiliated with Penn. 

A look back at all of The Daily Pennsylvanian's Trump reporting in 2017

(12/12/17 3:35am)

This year marked the first time that Penn had a graduate in the country’s top office. And regardless of what students, alumni, or faculty thought about President Donald Trump’s first year, the Penn brand has inevitably entered the national discussion surrounding Trump’s administration, personal background, and combative late-night tweets. 

Why Penn's lack of details after a student death can add a burden for those most intimately affected

(10/29/17 11:42pm)

Fourteen Penn students have died by suicide since February 2013, but by student accounts, Penn administrators have never acknowledged this directly to the student body — even to those who have been intimately affected by these deaths. While students say they recognize the complexities of navigating a discussion on this issue, many want the University to provide more transparency and clarity in their efforts to support those who need help. 

An art exhibit on Penn's student suicides raises complex questions on how to balance sensitivity with dialogue

(09/28/17 1:55am)

Students walking through the first-floor hallway of Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall this week might find themselves distracted by a series of thin, barely perceptible white posters. When someone rushes by too quickly, the bottom corners of these posters lift, casting a shadow against the white wall that makes it just possible to see the words that have been laser cut onto the Mylar sheets.

Graduate students say Penn needs to end its 'persistent silence' on hate speech

(08/22/17 1:39am)

Weeks after Penn Law School professor Amy Wax co-wrote an op-ed asserting that "not all cultures are equal," graduate student leaders have penned an open letter calling on Penn to actively denounce hate speech. The letter listed eight demands for the University, but has yet to receive a response from administrators.