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Gianni Mascioli | Moments of courage

(05/15/15 7:15am)

Getting fired from my high school newspaper was one of my most memorable failures growing up, so when I think about the time I joined The Daily Pennsylvanian, I call it one of my “moments of courage.” It’s actually hard for me to think of the DP without thinking about courage — both when I displayed it and when I saw it in the people around me, keeping this crazy thing moving with harder work than I’ve ever known. I think that’s largely why I made my home at the Pink Palace, where each day, my peers and I felt inspired to continue taking chances, both on the paper and on each other. In being in that community, I had people that encouraged me to challenge myself and take risks every day, and that feeling was hard to find anywhere else.

Senior Reflections | Gianni Mascioli

(04/14/15 4:31pm)

This year, I wrote my first New Year’s resolution. One sleepless night at the beginning of the semester, I got up, scrawled it on a piece of notepad paper, and taped it above my bed where I could see it each day. It reminds me every time I see it to “run toward the things that I’m afraid of,” because they’re usually the things that end up meaning the most to me. Even knowing this now, I need the daily reminder because, deep down, I know my insecurities can still stop me from facing my fears. Needless to say, I am a work in progress.