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Yessenia Gutierrez | There's more than monosexuality

(10/29/14 3:12am)

I f you’re at all familiar with the acronym LGBT, you should know it stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender . You might also know that this acronym is sometimes played with to show the disproportionate representation the various groups get, a la G LBT . It is a criticism of the queer community in general that we sometimes ignore the problems facing those most marginalized within our umbrella.

Yessenia Gutierrez | An undocumented history

(10/13/14 3:32am)

O ne phrase that gets used often in discussions about immigration today is that the United States is a nation of immigrants. Advocates for immigrants rights — and especially undocumented immigrant rights — use this phrase often to remind the vast majority of people of their non-native origins and put all forms of immigration, whether documented or not, on equal footing.

Yessenia Gutierrez | Already tired of Trayvon Martin?

(07/18/13 2:08am)

Reactions to George Zimmerman’s acquittal are still running rampant on our Facebook newsfeeds, four days after the not guilty verdict. It’s a complex case which demands attention for various, intersecting reasons. I do not have nearly enough space to go in-depth into everything, yet everything mentioned here, and much more, all goes into understanding this case.

Yessenia Gutierrez | Shopping for pride

(06/12/13 9:37pm)

Iwas late to my first PrideDay this Sunday. My friends and I decided to walk there, having missed the parade, but arrived at Penn’s Landing for the last couple of hours of the festival. We paid our 10 dollars for the wristband, walked past rows of merchandise and finally sat down on some steps with a good enough view just as “Hula Hoop Girl” was preparing to take the stage.

Yessenia Gutierrez | No speaky Spanish, my love

(05/23/13 3:10am)

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world by native speakers, behind Mandarin Chinese and Hindi. It is overwhelmingly the most popular language taught across U.S. universities. This popularity is fueled by several factors, including the growing U.S. population of Spanish speakers, our influence on both the U.S. culture and economy and the perceived ease of learning Spanish compared to other languages. Here at Penn, every undergraduate school except the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has a language requirement.