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Urooba Abid | Philly schools are reopening. Penn should provide testing.

(02/27/21 5:57pm)

Although mere blocks from campus, the inner politics of the Philadelphia public school system can feel worlds apart from the consciousness of Penn students. This January, while thousands of students returned to Penn’s campus, public schools in the city remained closed. Now, despite safety concerns from parents and teachers, schools are phased to reopen in early March. 

Urooba Abid | Penn's Tenure Policies Enable White Supremacy

(01/19/21 4:45pm)

In a shocking video posted to Twitter, tenured Penn professor Robert Schuyler was recorded using a Nazi salute and rallying cry at a virtual archeology conference. Since the incident, widespread student outcry has called for the professor’s dismissal, arguing that white supremacist and antisemitic sentiment has no place at the University. Meanwhile, the professor and his defenders have cited freedom of speech as a protection in this case. 

Urooba Abid | We Must Do More than Vote

(11/03/20 2:28am)

For me, the decision to vote for Joe Biden’s presidency was clear. President Donald Trump’s long history of xenophobic policies and remarks speak for themselves. But as I voted, and felt the powerful emotion of participating in my first presidential election, I couldn’t help but also feel frustrated. While I am hopeful in seeing so many of my peers engage in voting efforts this election, I resent the idea that we are civically engaged merely by voting. 

Urooba Abid | Penn students should support universal child care

(02/17/20 4:37am)

For as long as I can remember, conversations about my future career plans have gone hand-in-hand with conversations about when I plan to start a family. As a woman, it’s not uncommon to hear pointed questions like, “When you’re working, who will take care of the kids?” and “How will you have time to be at home?” when discussing career ambitions.

Urooba Abid | Muslim students need space on campus

(11/11/19 2:25am)

I was exposed to a vibrant community of young Muslims from across the country and the globe for the first time at Penn. In my hometown, my family was one of few Muslim families in the area. When I arrived to Penn, I looked forward to meeting people with backgrounds and beliefs that resembled my own, and finding a community to celebrate customs with.  

Urooba Abid | Wharton must have an environmental course requirement

(09/23/19 11:48pm)

Thousands of students passionately marched at the youth-led Climate Strike protests this past week. Students held signs that read “There is no Planet B,” and “We Deserve a Future,” while shouting chants like “Climate change is not a lie!” While the cries for change are necessary at the global scale, they also have an important role closer to home. 

Urooba Abid | Penn, make summer courses more accessible to students from all backgrounds

(04/21/19 11:26pm)

With summer only a few weeks away, this is usually the time of year when Penn begins advertising the opportunity to take summer courses online, on-campus, or abroad. For many students, summer courses are a great option. They offer the chance to catch up on requirements, take classes towards their dual degree programs, and possibly lighten their course loads for the academic year. 

Urooba Abid | I’m embarrassed to wear the Penn logo off campus

(04/01/19 9:17pm)

A few weeks ago, on a Megabus back to Philly, a group of women noticed the Penn logo on my sweatshirt. Immediately after seeing where I attended school, one woman made a comment about how I must be rich. At first, I was surprised and a little hurt by her insensitive assumption about my background. But at the same time I knew that it was not unwarranted. She was justified in assuming my privileges as a Penn student. 

Urooba Abid | All Penn alumni should send their kids to public schools

(02/10/19 11:21pm)

Often, I hear my peers share their plans to send their future kids to private schools. Whether that opinion is rooted in their own private school experiences or their terrible public school experiences, they will make the assertion that it’ll be much easier for their kids to get into a school like Penn if they send them to elite private schools rather than public school.