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Tyler Larkworthy | Penn must stop raising tuition

(03/04/20 11:25pm)

Last week, Penn announced it would raise tuition. Last year, Penn announced the same. And the year before that...and the year before that. In fact, Penn has raised tuition by 3.9% every year for the past ten years, with the exception of 2018 — when it raised tuition by 3.8%. Under the new tuition rate, Penn’s incoming class can expect to pay their school over $300,000 by the time they graduate. That is absurd. It is time for Penn to freeze tuition.

Tyler Larkworthy | Greek life promotes harmful ideas about gender

(01/27/20 1:38am)

Rush season has just wrapped up. Men and women on this campus have sorted themselves into different Greek organizations, having prepared for very different experiences. Ultimately, however, both fraternities and sororities at Penn enforce an outdated, regressive concept of gender roles. Both institutions cement traditional attributes for men and women that repress and marginalize those who do not fit in.

Tyler Larkworthy | Remember to laugh at yourself

(10/29/19 11:03pm)

Penn seems to constantly tell us to take ourselves seriously. Everything we do has to be designed to better market ourselves to employers, clubs, professors — whomever we are trying to impress at any given moment. Being a “real adult” seems to mean pushing gravely onward through life, holding yourself to the highest standard possible, and relishing in your own steadfast pride.

Tyler Larkworthy | Course selection can be a nightmare. Penn needs a shopping period.

(02/20/19 2:53am)

We’ve all been there before. It’s three days before the end of add period. PennInTouch keeps crashing on you. All the courses you want to add are full. That political science course turned out to require 200 pages of reading a week, and you need out. You find one course that seems promising, but it’s already had two homeworks due, and the professor will not budge for any kind of extension.