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Senior Column by Tiffany Pham | Being okay with failure

(05/12/17 7:38pm)

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Actually, it was probably more worst of times, but who’s counting? Serving on the 131st Board of Editors and Managers of the Daily Pennsylvanian killed my GPA and also kind of crushed my soul (temporarily). Going from an A student in high school to becoming painfully average at Penn, and getting two C-pluses during the first half of my term at the DP was something that nearly almost broke me. Factor in the fact that I'm an only child of two immigrants who managed to make it in America and expect way too much of me and well, you get the idea. But I’d like to think I kind of rose from the ashes right? There were also good times to be had, don’t worry.