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Armed Robbery at the AT&T Store

(03/28/11 1:18pm)

We just got word of a robbery at the AT&T store at 38th and Walnut via the increasingly more frequent/terrifying/effective DPS text service. Fortunately there were no injuries reported, but the Penn (and Philly!) Police are investigating and advising students to stay out of the area. Safe to say this is a good excuse to make the weekend last a little longer and skip that first class.

We <3 Philly

(10/29/09 4:09pm)

It seems like Philadelphia these days is a veritable city of love. The New York Times loves Philly, Obama loves Philly, and Philly even loves us back. This week Street decided to send back a little love to Philadelphia's BYOs, navigable streets and Phillies fans. We figured we'd take it one step further by venturing past 46th Street on the El to visit some oversized missives from Philly in the form of the Mural Arts Program's Love Letter project.

Like Amy G. Hasn't Already Written Her 300 Page Autobiography

(05/06/09 5:14am)

Today's Wall Street Journal features an article in which they asked (threatened with scathing articles?) college presidents to submit a response to one of their own institution's undergraduate application essay questions. We were delighted to see that our very own Amy Gutmann was chosen and was somehow coerced into answering the infamous "Page 217 of your 300 page autobiography" question. We were not delighted to see that her response was bo-ring.

Fast Forward Button: 24ish Hours Of Superblock

(04/28/09 3:09pm)

If you're not a total zombie, chances are the last days of class and the run-up to finals are kicking your ass and making you feel like some evil higher power is holding you hostage with a fast forward button. Does that make any sense? We're honestly not sure, but Street photo guru Thomas Jansen made this totally sweet time lapse video of the high rises, and you need to check it out.

Rodents, Electrical Workers Picket Capogiro Gelato

(03/18/09 2:07pm)

About two weeks ago (while most of you were cramming for midterms and stocking up on sunscreen) sandwich-board-toting construction workers began picketing outside the Radian, occasionally accompanied by a large, inflatable rodent. Much befuddlement ensued among the half-a-dozen residents who were able to detach themselves from their BlackBerrys long enough to look up on their way to class.

Mayor Nutter Rides The Rails

(01/21/09 4:18pm)

SPOTTED: Philadelphia mayor and Penn grad Michael Nutter and his wife on an early morning post-inaugural train back to Philly. Having presumably spent yesterday in Washington with our fine nation's political elite, Nutter slummed it with the rest of us on the regional, in coach, no less! Unlike another semi-notable local politician who was known to favor a first-class ride on Amtrak's Acela, Nutter did his part to reduce (slow the increase?) of Philadelphia's massive deficit by saving the city a chunk of change.  Props to you, Mayor Nutter!