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First Nursing Innovation Prize winner awarded for wearable light that won’t wake patients

(04/28/21 5:11am)

At 6:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in fall 2019, then-Nursing junior Anthony Scarpone-Lambert entered his patient's room, ready to change their IV fluids. He was forced to choose between turning on the bright, white fluorescent lights and risking waking his patient, or struggling in the dark to change the IV bag. 

A year into the pandemic, students reflect on losing family members to COVID-19

(03/18/21 7:04am)

College junior Diana Cruz watched in horror in Long Beach, Calif., as one by one, her family members got sicker and sicker with COVID-19. First, it was her sister, 23, who tested positive on Dec. 30, 2020 and lost her sense of taste. Then it was her mother, Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez, 63, who kept sleeping for longer and longer hours each day, until she could barely walk and eventually became comatose. Finally, her father, 65, and other sister, 27, fell ill. 

John Legend and Yusef Salaam call for criminal justice reform at Penn Law event

(01/13/21 4:44pm)

Eleven-time Grammy winner and 1999 College graduate John Legend and Yusef Salaam, one of the since-exonerated men in the “Central Park Five” case, advocated for nationwide criminal justice reform to build safer communities at a virtual panel held by Penn Law School on Tuesday evening. 

From Pottruck to Tiktok: Penn graduates introduce virtual workout classes amid pandemic

(01/17/21 4:45am)

During their time at Penn, the Jones triplets were known around campus for hosting high-energy fitness bootcamps at various college houses. Since graduation, they've expanded their operation to teach classes across the country with their new online platform, which was featured on Good Morning America at the start of the pandemic.

In Photos: Philadelphians rejoice in the streets as Pa. propels Biden to presidency

(11/09/20 4:38am)

It had been four days since Election Day, and it was still unclear who the 46th President of the United States would be. Votes continued to slowly roll in from the few states that had not decided yet, and an anxious nation was desperate for the race to be called. But late on Saturday morning, major news networks began to project former Penn Presidential Professor of Practice Joe Biden as the winner of the state of Pennsylvania, pushing him beyond the threshold of 270 electoral votes to secure the presidency. 

Photo Essay | Scenes from a pandemic-altered Election Day in Phila., and its tense aftermath

(11/05/20 8:21am)

The 2020 election — shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic and a reckoning over racial injustice and police brutality against the Black community  — looked notably different on Penn's campus compared to previous years. The battleground state of Pennsylvania could be a key decider in calling this election. President and 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump and former Vice President and Presidential Professor of Practice Joe Biden currently await the electoral results as several states, including Pennsylvania, rush to finish counting ballots. Despite a completely remote fall semester, members of the Penn and nearby Philadelphia community masked up and voted in person on campus, abiding by social distancing guidelines at Houston Hall, ARCH, and Walnut Street West Library. Nearly 700 ballots were cast at the three campus polling sites, 83% of which were in favor of Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The Daily Pennsylvanian sent a team of photographers to capture this unique election week. Here's how it has unfolded so far. 

Photo Gallery | Five days after Walter Wallace Jr.’s killing, hundreds march in West Phila.

(11/02/20 5:57am)

More than 500 demonstrators packed the narrow residential streets of West Philadelphia on Halloween afternoon, nearly a week after the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., to demand justice for him as well as the rest of the Black community. After three nights of calm following two nights of unrest, the gathering remained peaceful, prompting cheers and chants from neighbors in costumes, as well as the protesters in attendance. Here's how Saturday's protest unfolded. 

Photo Essay | Trump’s Phila. town hall met with chants, fists, and signs from protesters

(09/17/20 7:19am)

While 1968 Wharton graduate and President Donald Trump sat in Philadelphia's National Constitution Center Tuesday evening for a town hall with undecided voters 49 days before Election Day, at least 200 anti-Trump protesters gathered outside of the venue making speeches and waving signs.