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Shriya Beesam & Ashna Yakoob | Why gendered clubs should be a thing of the past

(01/28/21 3:20pm)

In 2020, Harvard rescinded its controversial ban on single-gender organizations, which included fraternities, sororities, final clubs, and other social clubs. First implemented because of the discriminatory nature of these clubs that may alienate those who do not abide by the gender binary, Harvard officials rescinded the policy on the basis that it may be legally discriminatory on the basis of sex. 

Penn Medicine selected to research medical marijuana

(10/01/18 10:01pm)

Penn's Perelman School of Medicine has been selected as one of eight medical schools in Pennsylvania to have been approved by Gov. Tom Wolf to begin research on the effects and potential of medical marijuana this past week. Pennsylvania is the first state to implement government-mandated research on cannabis, although Florida and other states are considering designing similar programs of their own.