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Sharon Udasin | It isn't worth trying to predict the future

(12/04/06 10:00am)

Here at Hogwarts - I mean Penn - Professor Trelawney's class in Divination has come to life. Suddenly, we are sorcerers, and crystal balls have the power to predict the future and ward off approaching danger. We may not be able to trap Voldemort, but mere Muggle murderers stand no chance against the prowess of Philadelphia.

Sharon Udasin | Penn may be need blind, but not face-blind

(11/20/06 10:00am)

In 2001, the illustrious Elle Woods dazzled Harvard Law School's admissions office as she strutted across the television screen in nothing but a very tasteful bikini. Clearly, her magnetic visual appeal would more than make up for an otherwise empty portfolio. Her artfully sculpted hair and brilliantly pink apparel would be certain indicators of her success as a future lawyer.

Sharon Udasin | Slap a label on that burrito

(10/20/06 9:00am)

As I walk down Spruce Street during the lunch hour craze, it's nearly impossible to slip through the mazes of people awaiting their food. To most students, the smoldered tin boxes that line the sidewalk are actually a desirable chain of mobile eateries. Yet the astonishing popularity of these houses of fat sparks the question - is student health in jeopardy?

Sharon Udasin | Non-Wharton study rooms are there - just not open late

(10/16/06 9:00am)

It's about 11:30 p.m., and you've just woken up from your pre-all-nighter nap. Turning to your computer screen, you see six flashing instant messages, each ready to distract you from that problem set, midterm and paper. Revived from your nap, however, you put up an away message and strategically leave your room for a night of productivity.

Sharon Udasin | Eagles and violence: a pair for life

(09/25/06 9:00am)

I am a Giants fan - perhaps one of the most blasphemous comments to make in the city of Philadelphia. I grew up playing catch with my dad in suburban New Jersey streets, and most Sundays, I knelt in front of the television screaming "defense" to unhearing white-and-blue defensive linesmen. If I were lucky, I would get to occasionally pile on layers of long underwear and make that turnpike trek up to the landfill-blanketed Meadowlands.