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Ryu's Clues | A necessary nest for night owls

(12/07/10 11:50am)

As I count down the days until winter break, only one thing stands in my way: finals. But this year, in lieu of those nerve-racking blue book exams, I will have papers and take-home exams. All the reading and writing I will have to do confirms that I will have to spend long hours holed up in some study haven, surrounded by wrappers, used coffee cups and empty water bottles ­… if I can even find that late-night haven.

Ryu's Clues | With a little help from mentors

(11/23/10 8:28am)

In light of Thanksgiving, take some time to think about the people you appreciate. Who comes to mind? Friends, family and significant others, but perhaps teachers and mentors as well. In high school, these miscellaneous mentors often took the form of athletic coaches or religious leaders, and they were easy to pinpoint because they were so firmly rooted in our everyday lives. But now that we’re in college, who are our mentors?

Ryu's Clues | 'Harry Potter' and the value of print

(11/09/10 10:21am)

In J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book, Transfiguration professor Minerva McGonagall said, “There will be books written about Harry — every child in our world will know his name!” And while Harry Potter has certainly become a household name since his introduction in the United States 12 years ago, can we attribute his popularity to simply the books?

Ryu's Clues | 'Interdisciplinary' is just a word

(09/28/10 6:41am)

In my “Why Penn” essay from almost three years ago, I distinctly remember stating that one of the main draws of our beloved university was its emphasis on “interdisciplinary” learning. Of course, as an applicant, I wasn’t entirely sure what that concept or its importance was, but now that I’ve been a student here, I totally know … or do I?

Ryu's Clues | TFA: more than cocktail party stories

(09/14/10 7:35am)

The school year has barely begun and I am already being bombarded with Teach for America application information. Never mind that I’m a junior and I can’t apply anyway. TFA just wants everyone to know about this shining opportunity to “become lifelong leaders for expanding educational opportunity for all children,” as written in an English department e-mail on Aug. 17. I have a feeling that by December, I will have received at least 10 other e-mails inviting applications and visits to information sessions.

Sarah Ryu | Does work have to be meaningful?

(07/15/10 7:07am)

As one of two people under the age of 40 at my workplace this summer, I find I am most impressive to some of my coworkers because I can type at a speed faster than 40 words per minute. In fact, it seems that our whole generation of 18- to 29-year-olds is fascinating to the older set simply because we thrive on digital technology. We’re experts on social networking and unresponsive iPods. We might as well have buttons on our forearms that make us recite entries from Wikipedia.