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Senior Column by Sarah Fortinsky | To Eric Jacobs, the one who made the DP home

(05/15/20 6:07pm)

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with The Daily Pennsylvanian. It was election night in 2016, and as a young, wide-eyed reporter, I saw student editors running through hallways, making high-stakes decisions, doling out breaking assignments, yelling at each other over the intercom. It was the picturesque movie scene I longed for when touring colleges. A group of students drawn together by their love for the DP, and driven by their commitment to its mission. I knew I wanted to be part of it, and I’ve spent the three and a half years since trying to get people to feel the same way. 

The DP kicks off its 136th year with new student board

(01/15/20 6:03am)

As The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. embarks on its 136th year covering Penn’s campus, its new student leaders prepare for a year driven by digital media strategy and internal board change. Led by President and College junior Isabella Simonetti, the Board of Editors and Managers consists of student leaders from The Daily Pennsylvanian, 34th Street Magazine, and Under the Button. 

Fresh Grocer reopens Tuesday after failing health inspection one day earlier

(08/20/19 7:28pm)

The Fresh Grocer partially reopened Tuesday following an inspection from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health that shut down the supermarket temporarily Monday after finding several instances of health violations including “heavy accumulation of mice feces” and “foodborne illness risk factors.” 

Bryan Stevenson, 'champion of equal justice,' to speak at 2019 Commencement

(02/12/19 1:45pm)

Award-winning author and criminal justice reform advocate Bryan Stevenson will give the commencement speech at Penn's graduation ceremony on May 20, Vice President and University Secretary Leslie Kruhly announced in a press release Tuesday. Stevenson will receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at the event.

Tuesday's midterm election was the biggest in recent memory. Penn paid attention.

(11/07/18 2:20am)

After a day of historically high turnout at the polls, Penn students gathered at bars, fraternity houses, and dorm lounges to monitor the results of Tuesday's midterm elections. The atmosphere across campus changed as various races were called throughout the night, but as the early morning approached, it grew clear that the Democrats had taken control of the U.S. House of Representatives while the Republican party had secured a majority in the U.S. Senate. 

Penn will require all sophomores to live in college housing starting in 2021

(09/26/18 6:07pm)

Penn will require all undergraduate sophomore students to live on campus in college houses starting with the Class of 2024 students, who will arrive on campus in 2020. The implementation will happen after the construction of New College House West, which is expected to open in the fall of 2021 and house around 450 students. 

Penn students join Philadelphians lining up at Dell Music Center hours before Obama rally

(09/21/18 4:54pm)

By 9 a.m. on Friday, local Philadelphians and die-hard Democrats were lining up outside the Dell Music Center, armed with picnic blankets, Obama paraphernalia, and buckets of snacks. Those first to arrive come from diverse backgrounds, although the prevalence of high school and college students throughout the crowd is hard to miss.

U. officials were told nine times of Kong's suicidal thoughts before her death, lawsuit says

(04/11/18 1:00pm)

The lawsuit filed against Penn by the parents of former Wharton junior Olivia Kong, who died by suicide in April 2016, reveals a new level of information on the alleged extent of University knowledge of Kong's suicidal intentions in the days leading up to her death.