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Rohini Venkatraman | Building social networks virtually

(11/13/09 9:33am)

A couple weeks ago, I bumped into two friends and we began discussing our weekends. Before I could complete my story, though, one friend interrupted, “Oh, I’ve already seen the pictures on Facebook.” Taken aback, I returned, “Well, I don’t even need to ask about your day because I just read your Twitter update.” The conversation left me feeling uneasy — and worse, I found myself wondering whether it had been necessary in the first place.

Rohini Venkatraman | Getting a Wave going

(10/30/09 5:09am)

It sounds harsh on paper, but Penn’s really a jungle out there. Survival of the fittest rules. Penn students are busy people, with places to go and people to see, and we’re often only looking out for ourselves — after all, the top job or best graduate school depends upon it. So it’s easy to understand why, when professors say the words "group project," a collective moan rises from the seats. Between class, work, rehearsals and GBMs, it is almost impossible to find a time when all group members are free to meet. If the group does end up meeting, it’s at an absurd hour — 1 a.m. on a Wednesday or, worse, 8 a.m. on a Sunday. Often, more for convenience’s sake than neglect of the project, one person ends up with the brunt of the work.

Rohini Venkatraman | Beyond WebMD for personal health care

(10/15/09 8:16am)

While debates on health care policy and reform continue in the White House, the issue is being revolutionized in cyber space. Time and again, we’ve heard that health care starts with the patient and his or her everyday decisions to prevent common illnesses and successfully mitigate chronic ones. Now, online applications are intervening to reign over the phenomenon of user-generated health. And it’s not just about Medicare. These web services fit the niche for us Facebook-ers, and might help us to prevent more serious health problems as we grow older.

Rohini Venkatraman | Your future, in 140 characters

(10/02/09 7:14am)

With many seniors dressing in suits on a daily basis and carrying more resumes than class notes, it’s easy to get swept up in corporate jargon and interview double-speak. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. In today’s world, the word on the tip of everyone’s tongue is one that you learned while watching Saturday-morning cartoons: Tweet.