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Riane Lumer | Accommodations for students with disabilities need to stay

(12/08/23 3:39am)

Under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), in the United States you have the right to reasonable accommodations or modifications to a job, including working conditions and hiring procedures. This is not a matter of special treatment, but to bolster inclusivity and enhance productivity crucial in the workplace and society. 

Riane Lumer | Teaching and research are not mutually exclusive

(03/28/23 3:13am)

The art of listening has been lost in both educational and daily settings, translating into disunity locally and globally. This is evident as seen in the symptoms plaguing the world: polarization, disconnection, nationalism, insensitivity, and the systemic ills that are further propelled by our divisiveness. Listening must be cultivated in transformative education as it is the key to deliberation and problem-solving. To listen is not to merely hear others’ views, but to comprehend and digest what they are saying with responsive efforts. Active listening also enhances one’s ability to convey their own thoughts while learning from others.

Riane Lumer | Give Tik Tok’s “Lucky Girl Syndrome” a try

(02/22/23 3:21pm)

If you take a quick scroll through your TikTok For You page, chances are that you may come across multiple videos with the background audio reciting, “Everything is working out for me at any given point in time” — an affirmation stated by Esther Hicks, known for her publications and workshops centered around The Law of Attraction. There are over 49,000 videos using this soundbite, with people from around the world explaining how their lives have drastically changed after replacing their negative thinking patterns with this positive belief system. In just a few weeks, #luckygirlsyndrome has accumulated over 459 million views and counting. 

Riane Lumer | To vote or not to vote?

(11/07/22 9:31am)

For decades, young people — many of whom have never engaged in the political process — historically exhibit the lowest voter turnout rates compared to their older counterparts. Luckily, such statistics are changing in light of social movements. But to continue such a crucial incline in engagement, the young cohort must cast their ballots, and midterm elections are no exception.

Riane Lumer | A look into the (Post-) COVID-19 University

(10/04/22 3:37pm)

As first-year students nestle into campus for their first few weeks of classes, they optimistically experience the most normal semester at the University since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. These students are excited, and rightfully so; there is much to look forward to and notice in the wake of the “post” COVID-19 University happenings.