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Guest Column by Penn Dems | It’s time for Democratic leadership, and it’s time for Joe Biden

(03/21/20 7:21pm)

We are nearing the end of a primary process that has galvanized our club and the country as a whole. We’ve seen it play out in debates, in caucuses and primaries, and on social media. In particular, we have loved hearing presentations at our meetings from student groups supporting each candidate.

Penn Democrats | Treat every body equally

(10/21/14 2:37am)

T his s ummer in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case, the Supreme Court ruled that closely-held corporations are not required to provide employees with insurance coverage for contraceptives if it violates the owners’ religious beliefs . This ruling, which partially struck down the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act , could lead to countless women losing coverage for birth control and other forms of reproductive care under their health insurance plans.

Guest column by Penn Democrats | Health care sanity

(10/07/14 3:52am)

O ve r the last few years, the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare , has received harsh criticism from the right. Candidate after candidate has called for its repeal, and the House of Representatives has voted to repeal or change the law more than 50 times . The ACA has many great elements, but one thing in particular makes it a crucial law to uphold: its support of mental health care.

Guest column by Penn Dems | Starving for change

(09/23/14 3:07am)

F ood i s one of the basic necessities of life — a statement so obvious you’re probably wondering why we would waste our time opening our column with it. The sad truth is that one in five American children struggles with the problem of hunger. The United States is the wealthiest country on Earth, yet millions of American kids wake up each day not knowing whether they will have enough to eat. This is unacceptable.

Guest column by Penn Democrats | A crisis on campus and beyond

(09/16/14 3:01am)

L as t S at urday, September 13th, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the landmark Violence Against Women Act. Drafted by none other than then-Senator Joe Biden, the law allocated significant new federal resources toward the investigation and prosecution of violence against women, harshened punishments for guilty parties and established the Office on Violence Against Women.

Guest column by Penn Democrats | Daylin Leach: Fighting for Pennsylvania, fighting for Equality, fighting for You

(03/17/14 8:35pm)

I n the current climate of partisan gridlock, Congress needs bold, progressive leadership to tackle the difficult issues, and Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District is the perfect place to start. The race for this seat is a close one, with four Democrats - including two Penn professors - in the primary. Only one candidate, however, has proven his ability to boldly and intelligently fight for the causes we believe in and against the rampant inequality facing Pennsylvanians and all Americans. Because of our confidence that he will faithfully and passionately fight for progressive values, the Penn Democrats endorse Senator Daylin Leach for Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District and will work tirelessly to support his election to the U.S. Congress.

Thomas hearings force Simon to cancel speech

(10/10/91 9:00am)

Bye bye bow tie. Sen. Paul Simon has cancelled tomorrow's scheduled speech at the University because of the reopening of Senate hearings on Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Simon (D-Ill.) was originally scheduled to speak tomorrow morning in Bodek Lounge, but as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the bow-tied former Democratic presidential candidate must remain in Washington, D.C. to hear testimony on charges that Thomas once sexually harassed a co-worker. Sponsors of the speech said that Simon has not shown any intention of re-scheduling the speech in the future. But as Simon's duties as a legislator take precedence over his responsibilities as a public speaker, many students sponsoring Simon said it would be worth missing Simon's speech if the delay resulted in Thomas' rejection by the Senate. Yoram Borenstein, of co-sponsor Penn Israel Connection, added that "I personally dislike Thomas' views, and if the fact that Simon's not coming to campus will help in getting to the bottom of the issue, then that's for the best."