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Meredith Aska McBride | Finding the faith that fits

(11/25/08 10:00am)

I know very few people who entered college particularly comfortable with their religious identity. I knew - and still know - disillusioned atheists, people who felt trapped in the tradition they grew up with and some who were engaged in a particular faith but still wanted to go deeper. I, for one, knew I was uncomfortable with my Christian heritage and had a longstanding interest in Judaism but didn't have the knowledge or confidence to explore Penn's Jewish community right away upon my arrival here.

Meredith Aska McBride | Investing in yourself

(11/04/08 10:00am)

Judaism's got it right. As per the Fourth Commandment (of the most-famous 10), observant Jews don't work on Saturday, the Sabbath (Shabbat in Hebrew). "Work" doesn't just mean paid work; traditionally this prohibition extends to housework, driving, writing and many other things. Shabbat is supposed to be one day of complete rest per week and is a rejuvenating break for those who observe it. But sometimes it's not enough.

Meredith Aska McBride | Showing some respect

(10/07/08 9:00am)

The other night, as I was walking home from rehearsal, I overheard a conversation that disturbed me more than anything I'd heard in a while (interviews with Sarah Palin notwithstanding). I was walking down 40th Street in front of a couple of guys, clearly Penn students, who were talking about a woman they knew. They were making up a list of what she smelled like: "cheap booze, that hoochie perfume and nasty pink nail polish." Then they continued talking about what a drunken, tacky-nail-polish-wearing "slut" she was.

Lawyers: status and sentence shouldn't mix | Interactive Feature

(02/26/08 10:00am)

While advocacy groups have argued that former Penn Neurosurgery professor Tracy McIntosh's sexual-assault case has been unduly influenced by his prestigious social standing, legal experts say it's unlikely that judges have unfairly sentenced McIntosh just because he held an influential academic position at the time of his offense.