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Happy Square Root Day

(03/04/09 3:03am)

Face it: You go to Penn, which means that there must be a little geek living somewhere deep down inside you. Well, today's the day to let that little geek have a field day: Nerds all over are celebrating 3/3/09 - if it's been a while since you took Math 103, that's 3 x 3 = 09, so that the square root of the year is equal to the days of the month and week. This only happens nine times a century, so it's kind of a big deal.

Team Inky For The Win!

(02/26/09 4:45pm)

If you're eager to be part of Philly's beloved Inky before it goes down in flames, applying for the Inquirer's "Off Campus" editorial board may be your way in. Once again, this seems like awkward timing.  We're guessing that due to the recent filing for bankruptcy, you'll probably be paid negative pennies (if that) -- even Brian Tierney, the CEO, is giving back his $232,000 dollar raise from last December. Despite the lack of pay, this could be your shot at fame. And who knows? The Inquirer always has a shot at being included in a newspaper bailout.

Everyday Hax0r: Watch Out M&T, Mozilla's Got Ubiquity

(02/09/09 4:20pm)

The lovely geek population at Mozilla (a.k.a. the geniuses that gave us Firefox) have come up with a way to save our precious energy from wasted clicking (so that we can use it at Pottruck, of course): ubiquity. The program allows users to type custom-made commands into a pop-up window that creates combinations of web information within one window, such as inserting a Google Map into your email or Twittering highlighted text from a website.