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Marjorie Ferrone | Women left out of Russian Europeanization

(07/31/14 1:11am)

Since the reign of Peter the Great in the early 18th century, Russia has done its best to copy Europe. Today, reminders of this “Europeanization” abound, but are no more obvious than in the world-famous Pushkin Museum, which proudly exhibits mere plaster replicas of European sculptures. And while the Emperor’s efforts are reflected in modern society, so too are the copy’s imperfections.

Marjorie Ferrone | From Russia with love (and happiness)

(07/24/14 1:35am)

I have lived a month in Moscow now on my parents’ dime. Besides the cultural chasm that matches the physical one, the experience has been just slightly less exciting than Sean Connery’s performance as Agent 007. And his ally’s cunning quip in the film is all too pertinent to my time here: “Ah, the old game: Give a wolf a taste then leave him hungry.”