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Cathy Li | Philadelphia’s changing tastes

(12/05/23 2:20am)

These days, I can’t help but think about the movie "The Menu" when I go out to eat. Though my culinary reality is much less about the psychological torture of dinner guests and cold-blooded murder, I often contemplate what the movie reveals about the food service industry, the changing nature of tastes, and the grueling pressure for restaurants to innovate and keep up with diners’ demands.

Penn women’s basketball falls 87-52 on the road in blowout against No. 23 Marquette

(12/04/23 7:02am)

The third quarter of any basketball game is often thought to be the most important. Coming out of the halftime break, it presents a chance to make a statement with a rested team going into the final quarter. The 73-9 Golden State Warriors in 2015-16 had the best third-quarter scoring margin in the last 20 years, leading them to the best record in NBA history. 

Eight Penn wrestlers ranked nationally amidst key early-season stretch

(12/04/23 7:34am)

Penn wrestling — currently ranked No. 19 nationally — has been making significant strides in the collegiate wrestling landscape, underscored by the impressive rankings of several of its wrestlers in the FloWrestling and Intermat polls. Before its recent dual meet against No. 3 Iowa, Penn's lineup included eight wrestlers who had earned spots in these prestigious rankings.

La Salle's overtime buzzer-beater knocks Penn men's basketball to fourth in Big 5 Classic

(12/03/23 2:32am)

Starting from the instant the two teams took the court to warm up, two conflicting styles of play emerged. While Penn men’s basketball was walking through its set of arm stretches at one end of the court, the players on the La Salle side were setting each other up for various dunks. These differences carried over into the actual game with the Explorers playing much more fluidly and creatively compared to the more methodical and disciplined Quakers.