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Guest column by Leila Ashtaryeh | When it comes to paying athletes, Penn isn't Duke

(03/29/19 2:44pm)

I’m not saying that athletes should or should not be compensated for their contributions to their respective institution. However, there are several things I’d like to note in the recently published DP articles which argued for and against the compensation of collegiate athletes. 

Letter to the Editor by Leila Ashtaryeh | Response to Huntsman Hall no longer being open 24 hours

(08/25/18 3:36pm)

Despite having never pulled an all-nighter and rarely being awake past 12 a.m. on a weeknight, I am no better off in terms of my mental health than any other Penn student. Closing Huntsman Hall earlier won’t do anything to change student study habits other than relocate them. 

Guest Column by Leila Ashtaryeh | Elon Musk: uniquely driven entrepreneur or just another Wharton grad?

(08/20/18 8:42pm)

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, is among the most notable Penn alumni; yet with publicity, inevitably comes scrutiny. Recent events have brought Musk’s character into question, highlighting specific personality traits that are often associated with the most successful entrepreneurs.