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4 Innovative Ways to Hide Your Face Now That Blanket Scarf Szn is Ending

(02/13/18 5:23pm)

As we move through February, the days will get longer and temperatures will start to creep up.  This means that blanket scarf season is slipping away as quickly as it came. I know you're all thinking of the question that naturally follows the news that blanket scarf szn is ending: where will I hide my face now when I feel uncomfortable?

QUIZ: Do You Have Tinnitus or Is It Just a Frat Boy Screaming Outside Your Window in the Nighttime?

(01/30/18 7:30pm)

Wow—it sure sounds loud outside for 2 am on a cold winter night! It seems impossible that humans could be making such a ruckus outside at this time. The sound must be occurring because you, like 15% of the U.S. population, have tinnitus, NOT because a pack of loud frat boys are yelling at the moon, right? Wrong. Despite what logic tells you, it's unclear whether your tinnitus or members of a nearby fraternity are causing the noise. Take this quiz to figure out which it is.