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Lara Seligman | Femme but not quite fatale

(07/29/10 6:39am)

Whether you agree with Sarah Palin’s politics or not, she sends an inspiring message in her recent ad known as “Mama Grizzlies.” She encourages woman voters to stand up and fight for their children and their country, to prove that women can get things done. While it is clear that women today have taken that message to heart, the tangible results are less certain.

Reporter's Notebook: Despite similarities, Cambridge a ‘culture shock’

(04/19/10 8:34am)

I’ll admit it — I experienced a bit of a culture shock when I arrived in the United Kingdom. Everything seemed to go wrong on my first Saturday morning in my new home at the University of Cambridge. I tried to straighten my hair but only succeeded in blowing up my electrical adaptor. I attempted to get my nightly caffeine fix after dinner only to find that the coffee shops all close by 5 p.m. My new life as a posh Cambridge student didn’t seem to be going as planned.