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Benoit Dubé, Penn's first-ever Chief Wellness Officer, says he's ready to listen

(09/17/18 3:08am)

When Benoit Dubé, 49, first received an email from an international search firm gauging his interest in the role of Penn’s inaugural Chief Wellness Officer, he took one look before sending the note straight to his trash. They send these emails to everyone, he figured, and besides, he was happy right where he was: a longtime professor of Psychiatry at the Perelman School of Medicine, with administrative titles that let him pursue his interests in education, wellness, and diversity. 

Huntsman Hall will now close at 2 a.m. as part of an effort to improve wellness on campus

(08/23/18 6:24pm)

At 4 a.m. on any day of the week, it's not uncommon to find Penn students hunched over desks in Huntsman Hall finishing problem sets, discussing strategies for a case competition, or even binge-watching reality television. It's a hallowed Penn tradition — but one that will no longer exist starting this semester. 

A list of new building projects coming to Penn's campus in 2018

(12/12/17 4:41am)

Since Penn is one of the largest real estate owners in Philadelphia, its construction plans are always an important topic of discussion on campus and in the city. In 2017, the University unveiled several major projects, including a new dormitory as well as a new medical research facility, which will be the school's most expensive project in history. Students also mourned the loss of various establishments in University City, from the celebrated gelato outlet Capogiro to the Mexican eatery Mad Mex, which was plagued by health violations. 

Penn's Trustees chair is a major supporter of a net neutrality plan that professors call dangerous

(12/11/17 1:08am)

The Federal Communications Commission announced plans on Nov. 21 to loosen regulations for internet providers. This would enable the companies to structure service plans that control access to and speed of their internet. On Dec. 14, a Republican bill will be voted on to determine whether the plan will be enacted.

Why some international students at Penn opt for STEM majors to keep their visas

(12/01/17 3:23am)

Throughout the first half of fall semester, many students flock to On-Campus Recruitment tables, flooding recruitment officers with endless questions about job descriptions, pay, and benefits. For those international students who make up about twelve percent of Penn’s undergraduate population, this list of concerns always comes with an additional one — visa status.

Penn just approved its third housing project in four years. But is another dorm necessary?

(11/16/17 3:21am)

New College House West, which will be built over the high rise field, is the latest of three major projects that Penn has undertaken in the past four years to expand on-campus housing. Some administrators have said that the main reason for building New College House West is an apparent need for more on-campus housing, though student accounts and data on student housing seem to contradict this. 

Teams of six to eight CAPS staff discuss each student's treatment — often without their knowledge

(11/08/17 4:05am)

Counseling and Psychological Services at Penn is composed of approximately 35 staff members  — psychologists, social workers, postdoctoral students, interns, and prescribers — who are organized into five treatment teams of six to eight members. These groups meet weekly to discuss any problems that may surface on any team member's student cases.

Given the recent threats to Obamacare, do Penn students need to worry about access to mental health care?

(10/16/17 3:18am)

As the Trump administration continues to undermine and take apart the Affordable Care Act, students are beginning to question how potential changes in federal health care laws may affect their access to both physical and mental health care.