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Guest column by Joyce Kim and Joshua L. Chilcote | A year in-review: having already built a better government

(04/13/15 4:09am)

This past year, we were excited to lead a campus that was named the best college nationwide by USA Today and, of course, No. 1 Party School by Playboy Magazine. Being good student advocates, we’d like to take credit for that. We can’t, of course. In reality, our role is much more quiet, and our best work is much more slow.

Joyce Kim & Aaron Wilson | How to speak to a human being

(04/05/13 3:39am)

You’re at a BYO with some of your friends. You look up at some point and realize that almost everyone is on their phone at the same time texting, Facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming, Snapchatting, emailing. It’s not the whole time, but at some point one person pulls out their phone, there’s a slight lull in the conversation, the next person pulls out their phone and pretty soon everyone has a white glow on their face. You’re still hanging out, but no one’s completely there.