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In this course, Penn students will have a hand in launching a new literary journal, Xfic

(10/16/18 10:48pm)

Penn’s English Department is offering a new class in which students can simultaneously publish their work and receive class credit. The inception of the course, taught by acclaimed English professor Jay Kirk, marks the birth of Xfic, Penn’s premier literary journal in experimental nonfiction.  

Jennifer Lee | Why tourists deserve respect

(08/06/18 5:58pm)

This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Europe. My three-week trip included destinations in the UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland. For the first time in my life I visited international landmarks that I had only ever dreamed of seeing, like the Eiffel Tower, Westminster Abbey, and the beautiful Rhine River. For anyone on the fence about making the trip, it was worth every single penny and painstaking hour of planning, . 

Jennifer Lee | Why do soccer players cry so much?

(07/06/18 4:10pm)

A common sight at the end of a World Cup match is players from the losing team lying on the soccer field, wallowing in their anguish. In fact, there is so much crying in this quadrennial tournament that one wouldn’t think that such a scene was the aftermath of an unlucky game, but instead a mass funeral. 

Jennifer Lee | My experience with Penn's flawed testing policies

(06/11/18 12:45pm)

This past finals season was notable in that I experienced the worst testing conditions of my entire academic career. It was smack in the middle of finals week — I had already been struck by several exams prior and was still far from the finish line. I was tired and approximately 20 percent of my body composition was Pret iced coffee and pilfered study break donuts from Van Pelt. I was ready to get my exams over with. 

Jennifer Lee | How the Cardi B contest got me banned from Tinder

(04/21/18 8:29pm)

Since I became aware of Penn’s standing in the Cardi B “Swipe-Off” competition, I suppressed my shame and reinstalled my less-than-savory Tinder account. While I had an account before the competition, I used it more as a tool to occasionally spy on male undergraduates at Penn who use Tinder rather profusely. Like myself, many students did not even realize that Penn was in the running for this competition until the contestant schools were narrowed down to the Top 16. Our unknowing success is a testament to how much Penn students use Tinder on a daily basis.

Jennifer Lee | The costs of Penn’s pervasive ‘going out’ culture can add up

(04/16/18 12:40am)

A few weeks ago, I received a call from my very cross mother who told me that I had spent well beyond my allowance in the past 10 days. I sputtered, telling her that I had not tried to deliberately spend that much money and that I could not think of any major purchase I had made recently. After the revelational phone call, I checked my bank account at long last. When I read through the transactions, much of it was outgoing Venmo and Uber payments (and a lot of food). I realized then that partaking in social activities at Penn can become a constant grab for your wallet, and that sometimes, it can feel like you need money to have friends. 

Jennifer Lee | What designer threads and Penn Crushes reveal about our desire to be seen

(03/12/18 7:05am)

If I had a dollar for every Canada Goose, Burberry trench, or Moncler puffer jacket I see at Penn, I could probably buy Amy Gutmann’s blazer collection two times over. Penn students love designer names — the more 0s and French written on the price tag, the better. But I’m not writing today to discuss Penn’s love for luxury — there have already been more than enough memes and DP features thoroughly dissecting this phenomenon. 

Jennifer Lee | How should the University Archives handle controversial — or even pornographic – materials?

(01/30/18 6:50pm)

Tucked away deep in the University Archives, there is a collection of 781 photographs featuring nude Penn students and faculty. The collection is the renowned work of Eadweard Muybridge, an English photographer who was commissioned by the University in 1883 to conduct motion photography work on the Penn and Veterinary Hospital grounds.