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James Fisher | Never leaving Makuu: The power of cultural centers

(04/06/17 1:52am)

I remember visiting Makuu Black Cultural Center during Quaker days in the spring of my senior year of high school. I was so nervous because I did not know anybody, but I still mustered up the strength to talk to people and socialize. Surprisingly, I was met with open arms as everyone in the space said hello to me and talked to me about the ins and outs of Penn’s campus.

James Fisher | From the bottom of the barrel to Penn: Adjusting to the immense wealth of Penn and its students

(02/23/17 4:28am)

Adjusting to life at Penn was a very difficult process. Many people, especially Penn students with whom I have interacted , assume that because I am on financial aid, I have everything I need to survive on Penn’s campus. These people forget to account for things like food, whether you are on a meal plan or not, travel expenses like cab fare or trolley fare, house expenses like having enough money to buy cleaning supplies and expenses for going out with friends — if we even have enough money for that.

James Fisher | From the bottom of the barrel to Penn: Already at a disadvantage

(02/09/17 3:19am)

The minute I stepped out of my uncle’s car and arrived at Harrison College House, I should have known that my life would change forever. I should have known that I would encounter several experiences that would make me question why I chose Penn. But instead, I naively checked myself into my new dorm, anticipating that my freshman year would be the best year of my life. If I could, I probably would smack my older self with my back hand and tell myself “You tried it! Try again.”