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Jack Hostager | Happy 1st of July

(07/07/16 1:13am)

Most Americans are familiar with the Fourth of July, our nation’s Independence Day celebrated annually with concerts, cookouts, and fireworks. But few people know about the other significant — if perpetually overshadowed — early-July American anniversary. July 1st was the 45th anniversary of the ratification of the 26th amendment, lowering the national voting age to 18. The amendment granted young Americans a fundamental civil right, but sadly, it is a right which today a majority of those young Americans ignore.

Jack Hostager | The testing machine

(06/23/16 1:47am)

You saw their name looming at the bottom of each page of every AP test you ever took. You made tense visits to their website to learn your SAT scores, then you went searching for the credit card when you returned to their website to send your scores to each college to which you applied. By the time you graduated high school, their name was all over your inbox, your mailbox, and your bank statements.

Jack Hostager | 7 habits of people who survive election season

(06/11/16 9:24pm)

In a race for the White House that has been anything but presidential, you do not have to look far for reasons to be disgusted. There are Donald Trump’s vile attacks against everyone from Megyn Kelly to Pope Francis. There is the perceived unfairness of the Democratic Party’s nominating process. And of course, there is the barrage of emails, phone calls and TV ads that are ominously beginning to saturate our lives.