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Ilyse Reisman | Professors should put grades in before the drop deadline

(02/24/20 2:00am)

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, we will all realize that from that point on, we will no longer be able to drop a class unless we want a “W” for withdrawal on our transcripts. However, even though we have had six weeks to decide whether or not to drop our classes, at this point in the semester, we still have no idea how we are doing in many classes.

Ilyse Reisman | Penn students, please don’t sell your classes

(12/09/19 5:09am)

When schedules come out for Penn students after advanced registration, many students find themselves stuck without their first choice classes or without classes they need to take for certain requirements. Immediately, Penn students put their courses into Penn Course Notify or Penn Course Alert so they can be notified when these classes open up. That’s normal, and indeed laudable. You should take classes you genuinely want. But the fact that some students are willing to purchase these courses from other students is problematic for several reasons.

Ilyse Reisman | Give students struggling with addiction accessible options

(10/07/19 1:14am)

Penn has often been described as a “work hard, play hard” environment or the “social Ivy.” It is a school where extremist mentalities are applied to both school and partying. Within this campus culture, students are at high risk for alcohol and drug addiction. It is crucial that the options for students afflicted with alcohol abuse be presented to them in an accessible, clear, and destigmatized way. 

Ilyse Reisman | Take student-faculty ratios and class size statistics with a grain of salt

(08/03/19 2:00pm)

When touring colleges and scouring college advising websites, we are taught that the lower a school’s student-faculty ratio is, the smaller the classes are, and the more one-on-one time can be spent between students and professors. However, two semesters of classes at Penn have shown me that the student-faculty ratio is not a good representation of class size, and therefore should not be used to get a good sense of how big a class is at any school. Average class size percentages may be more useful, but even that data does not tell the whole truth.

Ilyse Reisman | Penn dining’s conversion policy scams its students

(06/13/19 7:53pm)

All first-year students are required to be on one of Penn’s dining plans: Away from Kitchen (240 swipes per semester and 140 dining dollars), Balanced Eating Naturally (170 swipes and 225 dining dollars), or Best Food Fit (138 swipes and 400 dining dollars). But even those who have the dining plan with the fewest swipes are left with an excess at the end of the semester, and unable to carry their swipes over.