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Hayley Brooks & Ali Kokot | Why isn’t Lena leaning

(03/20/13 6:54am)

Flipping through Cosmopolitan at the beach over spring break, Ali was surprised to find an insert fall out of the centerfold and onto her lap: Cosmo Careers. On the cover of this new offshoot from the mag, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg rocks a royal blue work dress with arms crossed confidently to showcase the sparkling rock on her ring finger. Work it. Looks like women may just be able to have it all.

Hayley Brooks & Ali Kokot |

(08/02/12 2:01am)

In kindergarten we had to wait for our show-and-tell day to share with our classmates. Today, the blogosphere allows us to indulge the entirety of the web-surfing population with whatever we want, whenever we want. Whether we choose to promote vegan-cooking, tech advice or lesbians that resemble Justin Bieber, we unknowingly become an authority on whatever topic we tackle for a certain audience — even if it’s just mom or some (Facebook) friends.

Hayley Brooks & Ali Kokot | Sometimes it's kosher to stray from tradition

(04/10/12 2:54am)

When we fly out of the nest and land in a Quad double (or glorified broom closet) freshman year, we feel liberated and eager to ditch our parents’ rituals and head to the nearest party. But as we kiss our parents goodbye and kiss college boys hello — metaphorically of course — we’ve found that we not only miss our families but also the range of traditions that colored our upbringings.