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Your Voice | Responses to "Guess who's (not) coming to dinner" (Part III)

(02/04/13 5:17am)

When former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was provost at Stanford, she was pro-affirmative action but had difficulty finding qualified people. During her tenure, she couldn’t fund some minority programs because of the poor finances of the university. Despite the fact that she is a black woman, students called her racist. The criticisms of President Gutmann are just as outrageous.

Your Voice | Penn’s new diversification plan is discriminatory

(08/04/11 6:54am)

Penn’s plan to diversify its faculty would be a reason to celebrate if, by diversity, the authors of the plan meant intellectual diversity. This would be especially true if the ideological uniformity of the Middle East Center at Penn would be diversified. The uniform outlook of Political Science professors Anne Norton, Brendan O’Leary, Ian Lustick and Robert Vitalis can be summed up as “it’s America and Israel’s fault.”