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Vyshnavi Kosigishroff & Eric Orts | Why does Penn lag on climate divestment?

(04/22/21 5:25pm)

This Earth Day, Penn’s leaders will likely proclaim how committed our university is to making progress on environmental issues, including the climate emergency. However, the failure of Penn’s Board of Trustees to seriously address climate divestment undermines this posture and is antithetical to Penn’s mission of nurturing future leadership and cultivating global stewardship.

Guest Column by seven Penn faculty members | We support student climate change action

(11/12/19 3:49am)

On Friday, Nov. 8, a large group of students from Fossil Free Penn disrupted the University’s Board of Trustees meeting. For half an hour, until the meeting was adjourned, they sang and chanted their sole demand: that Penn President Amy Gutmann, Board of Trustees Chair David Cohen, and Chief Investment Officer Peter Ammon agree to a town hall meeting with students about fossil fuel divestment.

Guest Column | Wharton faculty urge Congress and the Courts to defend the rule of law

(06/07/17 10:42pm)

President Trump appears to have an indifferent, if not downright disdainful, attitude to the rule of law. His firing of former FBI Director James Comey seems to be an effort to prevent or slow a criminal investigation into alleged connections between the Trump campaign and Russian agents, and may qualify as obstruction of justice. The President’s apparent failure to separate his business interests from his work as head of state may violate the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Ultimately, if these allegations are found to be true, either or both may amount to grounds for impeachment.