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University appoints former Penn employee to head up Huntsman Program

(04/05/18 3:13am)

Kelly Cleary was appointed to serve as the executive director for the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business, a position vacated by Inge Herman in October and which has been temporarily filled by Associate Director Marco Alves in Herman's absence. Cleary's appointment will be effective on May 1.

A pass/fail course replaced MGMT 100 last semester. Here’s what students say about it.

(02/22/18 12:57am)

Wharton 101 replaced Management 100 as the undergraduate school's introductory course for the first time last semester. The purpose of this shift was to create a less competitive environment for new Wharton students. And while many students say they enjoyed the relaxed environment and collaboration of the class, some also suggest there still may be room for improvement, specifically in its grading system and the final project. 

Portraits from the Eagles parade: meet the 'greatest fans in the world'

(02/09/18 12:51am)

Millions of people attended the victory parade for the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday. Every one of them withstood sub-freezing temperatures, wind chills, and congested trains just for a chance to catch a glimpse of their athletic heroes. Reporters from The Daily Pennsylvanian went out to take their portraits, listen to their stories, and learn why Philadelphia is known for having "the greatest fans in the world." 

Like ASAM, many ethnic studies programs are fighting for support at Penn

(01/18/18 12:50am)

Former longtime Director of the Asian American Studies program Grace Kao left for Yale University last January, and ASAM faculty and students have been demanding more administrative support and funding through petitions and protests. One year since Kao’s departure, the ASAM program is still without a formal director.

Ezekiel Emanuel and Thomas Miller debated opposing health care views at Penn on Thursday

(12/09/17 1:00am)

Despite the GOP’s failure to pass its health care bill in Congress this summer, the Trump administration has continued to make efforts to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. This effort has sparked conversations about health care reform throughout the nation and on Penn's campus.

Penn students embrace their 'raw feelings' about food in this new book

(11/21/17 2:29am)

What started out as a simple project between two roommates at Penn has evolved into a published book that explores the relationship between young adults and food. In a series of pieces that range from photography to text-based narratives, the book, entitled "RAW," covers a range of topics, including healthy diets, religion and food, and eating disorders.

The Penn Museum is about to undergo its most extensive renovation in over 100 years

(10/28/17 2:03am)

The Penn Museum has collected more than 1 million objects since its founding in 1887 — now, the galleries and display areas where those historic artifacts live are about to receive a long-anticipated facelift. In November, the museum will begin its most significant renovation program in over 100 years.