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Senior Column by Carter Coudriet | What I learned in boating school is …

(05/09/18 12:00pm)

My high school campus visit to Penn was my least favorite college tour. The weather was awful, and the only spurts of energy disrupting the otherwise damp and chilly atmosphere were the way-too-enthusiastic flyerers shoving papers in my face. Nothing about my first day on Penn’s campus made me hope for a second one.

Coudriet | After a thrilling Ivy Basketball Tournament, it’s time for football to follow suit

(03/14/18 1:36am)

As Sunday’s final buzzer of the Ivy League basketball championship was drowned out by what was likely the loudest crowd the Palestra has heard in a decade, as I bolted down the bleachers to join a frenzied mass of Penn students more jubilant than any Spring Fling crowd I had ever seen, as I hurrah hurrah-ed the team that was going to the Big Dance for the first time in 11 years, I thought to myself, “Damn, we should do this more often.”

Why we are devoting a day of coverage to mental health

(10/30/17 3:57am)

In our three-and-a-half years working at The Daily Pennsylvanian, close to 10 students have died by suicide, a statistic as remarkable to write as it is now commonplace to hear across campus. With each email from some Penn administrator, we have grown numb to feeling pain, to mourning the death of someone close to us, to finally attaching a name to the problem of mental illness endemic to Penn. 

Letter from the President | One Penn experience isn't enough; try others on for size

(08/23/17 2:26am)

There are approximately 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania. We are joined in this Penn community by about 4,700 standing and associated faculty and almost 2,500 academic support staff. And yet, we in the Penn community far too often think only of the few hundred Quakers with whom we interact most often. 

Letter from the President | A more digital, essential DP

(04/04/17 11:58pm)

In December of 1885, The Daily Pennsylvanian published Vol. 1, No. 1. For $2 a year, readers could receive what our founders referred to as “essentially and thoroughly, the college paper.” Since then, remaining “essential” and “thorough” has demanded that the definition of “college paper” change. Today, the DP is a multi-million dollar media organization and is completely independent editorially from the University.

Letter from the President | Why (and how) journalism — on campus and beyond — needs your participation

(03/01/17 2:14am)

Last year, Donald Trump began blitzing the mainstream media at an unprecedented and alarming rate following his victory in the presidential election. Last month, Trump tweeted that The New York Times and most major television networks are the “enemy of the American People!” Last week, the White House barred news outlets including Politico, The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times from a non-televised briefing.

Reporter's Notebook | The side we never see

(11/10/16 1:23am)

Last night, the general mood on Penn’s campus went from excited, to reserved, to nervous, to outraged, as now-President-elect Donald Trump won swing state after swing state on the road to victory in the presidential election. Penn Democrats and Penn's Government and Politics Association watched as Clinton, who came to Philadelphia twice in the final weeks of her campaign, failed to secure even reliably blue Pennsylvania’s electoral votes.