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Guest Column by Borna Saeednia | From a TA to Penn Class of 2020: Congratulations!

(05/20/20 7:06pm)

I take pride in having had the opportunity to serve as a teaching student at Penn for the past two and a half years, and some of the students I had the privilege to serve graduated this past weekend. I realize how special of an occasion graduation from college is, and how upset my friends are that a proper celebration is not possible at the moment due to the global pandemic. Very thoughtfully, President Gutmann announced that Penn plans to hold an in-person graduation ceremony next year for the Class of 2020. In the meantime, however, I decided to write a message in an attempt to give this occasion the recognition it deserves.

Guest Column by Borna Saeednia | Penn for Bernie should endorse Joe Biden

(04/23/20 9:25pm)

I supported Senator Elizabeth Warren in the months leading up to the primaries and had the privilege to be a member of Penn4Warren. After Sen. Warren suspended her campaign, I remember constantly being asked I felt defeated or disappointed. I remember shortly after super Tuesday results and before the campaign was suspended, The Daily Pennsylvanian asked me to make a statement about the results. What I said was that I thought the main objective of campaign was to propagate ideas and contribute to the evolution of the political rhetoric and not necessarily winning. I cannot make a judgment on how successful our efforts were, but I think we did what we had to do.

Guest Column by Borna Saeednia | Penn must give Election Day the recognition it deserves

(02/03/20 12:21am)

American politics were a shock to me at first. I grew up in Iran, a nation beset by political oppression, coming to the United States solely in pursuit of my academic goals. When I first came to America, I initially had a hard time digesting the liberties Americans are granted. Slowly but surely, I started to learn the story of this great nation, one written by all the people that constitute America.