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Amy Chan | Dear baby Quakers, enjoy your acceptance to the fullest

(04/02/18 6:13am)

Last Thursday outside Houston Hall, my friend and I were watching students swarm like little ants eating lunch, on the way to class, skin warmed by the sun. “I wonder where all these people come from,” she said, glancing first left, then right. She zeroed in on a small blonde who I assumed to be 15 years old, passing us by, flanked by a middle-aged couple. “I think that girl must have just been accepted to Penn.” 

Amy Chan | Kicking and screaming into adulthood

(03/20/18 3:21am)

In Elena Ferrante’s “Neapolitan Novels,” the main character, Elena Greco, feels a sentiment throughout her life that many small-town kids know all too well. It is the fear of never getting out, never making it, never leaving behind this little place and these little people who never could contain the big dreams you were hiding in your heart. 

Amy Chan | Honoring those we have lost means keeping their individuality alive

(02/20/18 1:00pm)

In the first two months of 2018, two Penn students have died, adding to a total of seven who have died this academic year. William Steinberg and Blaze Bernstein were added to the list of Jonathan Lumpkin, Nicholas Moya, Justin Hamano, Brett Cooper, and Henry Rogers. No matter where we look, death has overtaken us. And though I did not know these students personally, I have wondered with each death, “How do we honor those we’ve lost?”