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DP Digest 9/10

(09/10/10 2:52am)

Continuing with our season previews of fall sports Sprint Football — all roads lead to Navy (but not in Annapolis) Soccer looking more like the 2008 Ivy champs ESPNU can't broadcast Penn-Princeton in 2010 Eli Cohen has respect for Al Bagnoli's disregard for records Have a great weekend. Keep your eyes on the freshmen again.

My thoughts on today's news

(12/15/09 3:59am)

The news about Glen Miller today unfortunately came on the first day of a month in which The Daily Pennsylvanian won't be publishing because of finals and winter break, so we don't have the opportunity to print any papers with all of our columns reacting to the decision to relieve Miller of his duties. However, I decided to write a column anyway and post it to

This Cartoon Doesn't Make Much Sense

(10/14/09 2:00pm)

This morning, we were doing our routine check of college newspaper headlines from all across the land when we came across this comic on the front page of the Columbia Spectator. Huh? Maybe Columbia is jealous that we have more fun than them (Fall Fest what up?!? Leap frogging GET AT US.) or maybe it's just some random anger brought on by the bitter cold and wind of Morningside Heights. Maybe Columbia just needs a big hug.

Say Hi To The Skulls Crunk Bunny!

(04/22/09 3:18pm)

We'll admit it: ever since pledging ended, we've been a little starved for some brothers in costume. (UTB loves a man in uniform.) Just when we thought it was all over and the only thing to look forward to was summer, a guy in a rabbit suit appeared on Locust Walk. Seems like Skulls is pulling out all the stops for their "Crunk for Crohn's" party tonight. This guy has been out there since the early morning asking for donations, chasing runners, and dancing to old school hip-hop. The bunny below is breaking it down to "Notorious."

Hindsight Is 20/20, College Admissions Schadenfreude Is Like X-Ray Vision

(02/09/09 5:40pm)

I came to Penn from a high school in New York called Fieldston.  It was a little bit like Gossip Girl, but coed, and a greater proportion of the student body was stoned. College admissions was basically our religion from sophomore year on.  By second semester of junior year, SATs and applications replaced the weather as the default small talk topic. One of my friends used to have panic attacks because she thought that Emma Watson was applying to Middlebury, thus leaving her with zero chance of being accepted. (She is currently at Wesleyan and couldn't be happier.) While most people found watching the entire grade apply to the same 12 schools nerve-wracking, I saw it for what it truly was: thoroughly entertaining.