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Take Your Carbon Date On The Ferrous Wheel

(04/17/13 9:23pm)

If you're looking to get festive one more time before finals, we've got the perfect place. Philly's hottest spot this weekend is the Science Festival. Located on the Outer Drive of Ben Franklin Parkway between 20th and 22nd Streets, this Penn-sponsored event makes science actually fun. This place has everything: over a hundred exhibitors, outdoor experiments, helicopter tours...and liquid nitrogen ice cream. So come on down this weekend. The whole thing is FREE!

(03/20/13 4:07pm)

Free Rita's Italian Ice---It's been more and more sunny in Philadelphia lately which can only mean one thing: spring is here! Get free Rita's Italian Ice as part of their First Day of Spring Celebration, today only. More deets here. 

Physics Professor: Hopes You Read This

(03/14/13 2:00pm)

Welcome the newest member of our cute 'n' quirky professor emails collection. We all get those wall-of-text emails that take long enough to read to be their own homework assignment. In this case, it was worth it to the very end. Every physics prof could use a sense of humor like this one, if only to keep us awake or get us through an email. So who in physics ate the whole wheel of cheese?

(02/24/13 9:31pm)

Ahem, The Oscars are on tonight -- so don't be the grouch that preps for midterms all evening long. See what's going on in your neck of the woods and join us for our live tweet coverage beginning at 8:30!

(02/08/13 6:18pm)

How many hours of sleep is too few? — Midterms are on our doorstep, UTBabies, and so is the lack of sleep that comes with. Penn researcher Michael Grandner, Ph.D., says if you're gonna get sub-4 hours, it's better to just power through with an all-nighter. Peep the deets from our bros at the HuffPo.

(02/01/13 8:02pm)

Disguised Face Database -- getchya model on, girl. Penn researchers are looking for partipants who will help out with a study on face recognition technology. You show up, they snap pics of you in fun disguises for about 45 minutes, and you get cash money at the end. Peep the deets here.

Penn Compliments' Evil Twin

(11/28/12 5:31pm)

Have you gotten a Penn Compliment yet? Pfft,you?  Probably not. If not, take justice into your own hands and channel your frustration into a backhanded one. Introducing Penn Backhanded Compliments, a brand new Facebook profile for all your stealth backhanding needs. It's like Penn Compliments' evil twin, or as the page itself puts it: "If Penn Compliments was a sassy betch."

Church to Merch

(11/14/12 9:54pm)

Y'know that one church in the shadow of The Radian, 40th and Sansom? Yeah, that one. According to this article from the DP, it's been empty and is scheduled to be replaced with shiny, brand new retail. Three of the four available spaces have been leased to Philadelphia Chutney Company, Whirled Peace Frozen Yogurt and Dunkin' Donuts. So if you're tired of Bridge Cafails, if the DD on Walnut was too far or if you've just needed a reason to see what's behind that McDonald's, there's this. When can we expect the new shops though? Well, no one knows. The church was supposed to come down by the end of October but the timeline still remains uncertain. But guys! Guys! It'll happen, we swear!

(10/16/12 4:47pm)

Free online storage – In case Felix's space jump wasn't cool enough for ya, is hosting a Great Space Race where they're giving away free online storage to anyone with a .edu email address. The more people that sign up per school, the more free space those people get. (You get 3 GB right off the bat.) So sign up here!