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Hip Penn Grandmother Sends Newspaper Clippings on How to Deal With Never-Ending Torrents of Anxiety and Depression

(04/16/18 12:49pm)

Always trying to adjust to the times, Penn grandmother Bess Walderstein is sure that her weekly envelope of newspaper clippings to her grandson, Connor (W '20), is relevant and helpful to his life at Penn. After reading about Penn in the media and talking to her grandson about the school, Bess' clippings now mostly revolve around how to deal with never-ending torrents of anxiety and depression.

Study: Roommate Who's Been Meal Prepping All Semester 'Slightly Better Than You As A Person'

(04/13/18 12:34pm)

It’s the beginning of a new semester and you’re looking to balance a budget after spending more on foods covered in melted cheese than you’d comfortably like to admit. It looks like the easiest way to cut costs is to start making your own food at home. You google a few meal prep recipes, buy your first pyrex set and a couple of mason jars (for the cold brew coffee which will replace Starbucks), and you're on your way.

​Crafty Student Puts Avocado on Scantron Sheet to Increase Test's Value

(04/30/18 3:48am)

Julie Robison (C '19) knows quite a bit about avocado. She knows that they charge extra at Chipotle for guac on her bowl. She knows that its increased consumption causes even more deforestation in Mexico and South America. And she knows it’s a premium topping at Sweetgreen, even if she only gets four goddamn toppings in the first place.

OP-ED: I Went to Trader Joe’s and Did Not Get Killed by an Angry Mom Looking for the Ripest Tomatoes

(04/21/18 2:19pm)

The day had finally come: I was sick of eating lint out of my pockets, and I had been standing in the self-checkout line at Frogro for three days. I had to walk, twenty agonizing minutes, to Trader Joe’s. I put this off for several reasons: I would have to decide between multiple types of fruit that are not covered in mold and make small talk with cashiers who seems content in their life after I entered the literal vortex of suburban hell.

Girl Typing Furiously at Front of Lecture Isn't Actually Taking Notes, Just Messaging 8 Group Chats at Once

(04/17/18 2:06pm)

Seated in the front row of all of her econ and poli sci classes, PPE senior Janae Lewis always has a Macbook and Venti Starbucks iced black coffee at hand. She types furiously in a caffeine—and sometimes Adderall—fueled daze. She nods at everything the professor says, somehow taking notes even when there’s nothing to take notes on.

5 AMAZING Spaghet Recipes You Can Make in the Side Pocket of Your Backpack on the Way to Class

(04/12/18 10:26am)

Picture this: it's your busiest day of the week. You've got six hours of classes back-to-back ahead of you, and zero time to grab a real lunch. So, you pull an Obama and eat a fistful of stale almonds during the ten-minute break in your seminar and pray it'll tide you over for the rest of the afternoon.