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New Penn Study Finds Midterm Season Lasts From Early October Until Your Professor God Damn Feels Like It's Over

(10/21/17 4:48pm)

The leaves are changing colors, and a cool breeze has blown in another round of exams at Penn; yes, it’s midterm season. Although many have already taken multiple midterms, most students still have many more lined up on the horizon, with some students wondering if the end is in sight. A new study from the Penn Graduate School of Education, found that the end of this stressful time might be later than some students planned. 

Damn! This International Just Got Deported for Not Complying with SHS’s Immunization Requirements

(10/20/17 9:24am)

The fall can be a tough time for freshmen and upperclassman alike, thanks to the pressures of new classes and competitive club applications. It is especially a time of worry for those who have not complied with the Student Health Service’s (SHS) immunization requirements—those who do not comply by mid-October have their registrations put on hold.

Penn Student Insecure About Being in the Bottom Half of the Top One Percent of Wealth

(10/20/17 4:46pm)

Jacob Swartz (W ‘20) comes from a modest background. He was raised by a stay-at-home mother and a father with a partnership at a law firm. Swartz attended a $60,000-per-year private high school, and went on trips to international luxury resorts with his family four times a year. He felt secure about his family’s finances when living in a gated community where everyone had similar levels of wealth.

Medical Mystery: Penn Students Fifteen Times More Likely to Have ADHD Than National Average

(10/19/17 4:00am)

A new study has unveiled quite the medical marvel in Penn’s student body: Penn’s students are fifteen times more likely to have ADHD than students at any other University. Students are quick to point out that having a disproportionate amount of students with ADHD forms an extremely tight-knit community. When studying in the library, if a student forgets their Adderall at home, all they have to do is turn to their neighbor and they can be sure that they’re covered. No need to feel embarrassed asking—it’s a total no-judgement zone. 

Breaking: Introductory Feminist Theater Professor Wants You to Call Her Cheryl

(10/19/17 4:01am)

A tale as old as time: you’re sitting in your first seminar for a new course and need to ask a question, but you stay silent because you don’t know how to address your professor. Should you call them Dr., Professor, or Mr. or Ms.? How do you pronounce their last name? Should you go with the classic “excuse me, Professor” or should you just yell “I have a question” into the void until your professor acknowledges you?