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Entrepreneurial Win: This Wharton Student Books GSRs to Auction Off to Measly College Students

(05/03/18 4:56pm)

It may be finals week, but that doesn’t mean business has to stop. Justin Kanter (W '19) didn’t want to suppress his entrepreneurial spirit just because of finals, but he wasn’t sure how he could possibly profit off of the masses while everyone was studying.

How Can You Say That I Don't Have a Personality When I'm Wearing These Cool Socks

(05/24/18 4:05pm)

First of all, how dare you. I just don't get how you could say such a rude thing to a guy wearing such cool socks. I'm not saying that by having impeccable style I should be impervious to criticism, but, ya know, respect the fibers on my feet. Also, haven’t you noticed my eccentric short-sleeved button up? C’mon, I’m not on a beach sipping margs, why am I wearing this sweet Hawaiian shirt! That’s a pretty dope personality trait if I do say so myself.

​Friends and Huntsman Automatic Sinks Stopped Noticing Student

(05/04/18 3:20am)

William O’Brien (C ’18) is about to graduate, but is already feeling sad and lonely, nervous about what his new life would bring. His days are numbered and now more than ever he wants to be noticed. Unfortunately, he has drifted apart from many of his friends these past few months. He has come to term with the fact that many of them have moved on in life, even though he suspects a lot of it has to do with the fact that he still doesn’t have Venmo.

OP-ED: I Waited 8 Minutes for a Latte at Pret—Now I Understand Oppression

(05/03/18 5:04pm)

I knew that life could be challenging. I had to ask my parents twice for a Canada Goose jacket before they bought me one in middle school. I actually had to pay someone to complete my application to Penn, even though I’m a double legacy and the application is just a formality. But last Wednesday, I experienced the true difficulty of a world set against me. I ordered a vanilla latte at Pret, and I had to wait eight minutes before they gave me my drink.

This Sophomore Won’t Stop Picking at the Tiny Blemish on His Face

(04/28/18 4:12am)

This year marks 14 years since the groundbreaking documentary Supersize Me was released into theaters. The film followed Morgan Spurlock, a filmmaker who ate nothing but McDonald's for a month and put himself on track to become obese. The movie educated a whole generation of consumers on the dangers of fast food.

OP-ED: I Demand That The Class Board Provide a Boneless Hey Day Hat

(04/26/18 10:46am)

I think it’s high time that we resolve one of the few issues ruining an otherwise idyllic lead-up to Hey Day 2018. Class Board 2019 claims to be trying to unify the junior class under one big family, but their pathetic set of Hey Day hat options is telling a totally different story. I found it wildly inconsiderate that they didn’t even try to accommodate students’ dietary restrictions, but honestly, the lack of a boneless hat choice is the biggest slap in the face. All I want is a medium-rare hat, sans tibia, but it looks like this year I’m all out of luck.