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Intro to Buddhism Professor Fails Students Who Don't Reach Nirvana by End of the Course

(02/13/18 5:14pm)

Religious Studies Professor Michael Gordon took an unorthodox approach to his Introduction to Buddhism course this semester. Tired of hearing students complain about his confusing exams and weighting system, Gordon decided to simplify the grading process. “Reach Nirvana or you fail,” said Gordon. “I don’t think I could be more clear.”

​OP-ED: That $162 Uber Fine is Nothing Compared to the Canada Goose I Just Ruined

(02/13/18 5:13pm)

Ah, to wake up on a Saturday morning to a $162 Venmo request from your friend whose Uber rating you just destroyed! That's when a person’s heart would normally drop. You see, I would normally be upset to have to pay the cost of Holiday Inn room for throwing up all over myself, but I’ve learned to put things in perspective.

OP-ED: I Don't Care What Team You Support in the Privacy of Your Own Home, But Don't Shove It in Our Faces

(02/08/18 11:28am)

Last Sunday, the city of Philadelphia erupted into a frenzy after the Eagles, longtime underdogs of the NFL, won their first ever Super Bowl. Soon after, it was announced that there would be a city-wide celebration of the victory in the form of a parade on Thursday, an event so large that Drexel, Temple, and Penn all deemed it necessary to suspend operations for the day. 

'I’m so Excited to Witness History' Says Sophomore Fully Planning on Blacking Out at Parade

(02/08/18 11:25am)

On Thursday morning, Philadelphia will be abuzz in a way the city has never seen before. After 13 years since their last shot at the title, the Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl for the first time in the team's history. And following immense pressure from the student body, University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann announced to the school on Tuesday that university operations would recess during the parade. Many students were excited for the day's festivities, but none more than Jess Pearson—who was both "excited to witness history" and also prepping to black out at the parade.

BREAKING: Penn Administration Releases Confidential Memo, No One Reads It

(02/10/18 6:29pm)

In a stunning turn of events last week, the Penn Administration went against expert advice and released a confidential memo to the public. The contents of the memo included rare, never-before-seen information. Before the memo was released, no one outside of the Penn administration knew what it contained. Now, everyone is free to read the memo and all of the juicy details inside.

OP-ED: I Live in The Radian, But I'm Not Like Other Girls

(02/12/18 7:42pm)

So we don't know each other really well and you only kind of know me from seeing me exit the Radian every Tuesday morning on the way to our Geology recitation. You see me outside my apartment every week, and we've never talked, so I'm sure you've already made some assumptions about me. But I'm here to tell you I'm not like the other girls who live in the Radian.