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Freshman Has Really Insightful 12th Point to Make but TA Has Begun Searching for 'Someone Who Hasn't Spoken'

(03/01/18 9:31am)

Victoria Jacobs (C ‘21) considered herself a star participator. In high school, she was well-loved by her teachers and coaches for always having the courage to speak, even (and especially) when no one asked. It was rare to walk into a classroom without Jacobs’ hands reaching for the ceiling, waiting to be called on so she could spurt out the solution to a calculus problem or name that famous Civil War general.

​After Horse Girl Becomes Social Chair, Other Sisters Complain About the Constant Equestrian Themed Mixers

(03/01/18 9:29am)

A lot of Penn students were horse girls at some point in their lives, but very few are horse women. Junior Hannah Engelwood is one of those few, and she has brought her love for horses to the school’s social scene.

Defying the System: This Girl is Going to St. Barth's Instead of PV for Spring Break

(02/27/18 10:16am)

Courtney Carlson (C '19) is not like other girls. Earlier this semester, when all her roommates and sorority sisters began discussing their plans for spring break, she knew in her heart that she wanted to make a change. Everyone around her had been discussing going to PV for spring break. While she fully admitted to liking PV as an option and that she "loves a good villa," she confessed that she wanted to defy the system and go Unexpected. Somewhere that she would never forget.

OP-ED: Of Course I Use Septa, How Do You Think I See My Two Friends at Drexel?

(02/28/18 8:08am)

I know what you’re thinking, and it’s absolutely not true. I may have every driving app on my phone, but the truth is: I only use them for emergencies. You know, like if I’m running late, or it’s snowing. I never use Uber; their CEO sucks— but I do keep the app on my phone for real emergencies, like if Lyft’s rates are too high. So how, you might ask, do I visit my two friends at Drexel? The answer is simple: I take SEPTA.

After Telling Prospies That Penn is a Happy Place, Penn Tour Guide Goes for Their Scheduled Cry in Narrow Huntsman Stall

(02/27/18 10:33am)

Jon Vidal (C '18) has given tours with Kite and Key since the spring of his freshman year. While his participation began as a genuine desire to show a school he loved to prospective students, over the years he has lost himself in the process. 

​I Like You but I Don’t Like You Enough to Sit Through Your Indian Dance Show for Three Hours

(02/25/18 5:38pm)

I like you, Charlotte I really do. I cherish our friendship, our brunches, study sessions, and the fact that you’re always there for me when I seemingly end up at Allegro’s every Friday night. We’ve been through it all and I can’t wait to make even more memories with you. But, and I hate to say it, even though I really value our friendship, Char, I just don’t really care enough to sit through three whole hours of Indian dance.

Performance Art: I Choked on a Sandwich at Pret to Add to the Existing Chaos

(02/26/18 4:25pm)

You’ve been there. You’ve seen the idiots that stand in one huddled mass instead of splitting into the five separate checkout lines that the cashiers insist there are. The crowd mobbing the counter where the drinks are set down, but only for a moment, before a vicious claw reaches for her iced soy milk macchiato.