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Joe Biden to teach an introductory political science course at Penn. Here's how students reacted.

(03/27/18 4:05am)

The Provost's Office recently let slip that former Vice President and ice cream connoisseur Joseph (Joe) Robinette Biden has will be teaching a section of Political Science 130, "Introduction to American Politics," this coming fall. According to the announcement, Biden hopes to bridge abstract theoretical material with his real-time experience adjacent to the Oval Office, and is looking forward to "deepening his connection with the Penn undergraduate community."

Huntsman renovation to include autoflush bidets

(03/27/18 4:03am)

Making good on their promise of much-needed improvements on campus, administrators were thrilled to announce on Friday that Huntsman Hall will be undergoing renovations throughout the 2018-2019 school year. Frustrated that plumbing allotments from past years’ capital campaigns were funneled toward the Rodin flood and fixing the sink next to Makuu, several donors threatened to withhold support until conditions in Huntsman are improved.

New SFS Policy Seeks to Simplify Financial Aid Process by Getting Rid of It

(04/06/18 10:41pm)

With Penn’s tuition costs rising faster than ever, Student Financial Services has a moral obligation to each and every student member of Penn’s Board of Trustees to ensure that the University is maximizing its profits. In order to fulfill that promise, SFS asks students to fill out lengthy forms stuffed with borderline-invasive questions, including but not limited to: questions about the profits students are making from their... private farms.

There’s no need to go past 40th Street | We have decent wifi and plenty of coffee here

(03/27/18 4:12am)

These days, students on campus often like to criticize the “Penn Bubble.” They say things like “go past 40th Street once in a while,” “try exploring our wonderful and historic city” and “stop eating Halo Top and get your lazy ass out of bed, Sophie!” But I’m here to tell you that staying inside of the Penn Bubble is not actually a bad thing. Yes, I’m serious — you should totally, definitely consider never going past 40th Street again.

Hero: This Girl Shovels Soup into Her Mouth on Her Walk to Class to Not Waste Time Eating Lunch

(03/30/18 8:58pm)

Let's face it: it's hard to make time for ourselves at Penn. We're all "soooo busy," and that can get in the way of really important things, like our diets. Hannah Winter (C '18) knows this better than anyone. "At Penn, you have to learn to be as efficient with your time as possible. I start with my lunch."

OP-ED: Yeah, We Can Be Exclusive, but Only Because I Haven't Figure out Housing This Summer

(03/20/18 4:36pm)

Fine, I’ll date you. I mean, you don’t have the dreamiest eyes, or the broadest shoulders, or the most defined cheekbones. You probably haven’t hit the gym in the past few weeks (or years), and you smell like cheesesteaks and clam chowder. I don’t particularly like your beat-up running shoes, or your rimless glasses, or that stupid porkpie hat you wear all the time. Your music taste sucks, you pronounce jalapeño with a hard "J," and your sense of humor is absolutely horrid.

​'I've Really Learned How to Be Self-Sufficient at Penn' Says Student Whose Parents Deposit Weekly Allowance Into Bank Account

(03/26/18 3:40pm)

In this economy, there really are no guarantees. One minute you have enough money to support yourself, and the next minute it could all disappear. Eliza Hampton (C ’20) feels that she has really come to understand this. “My friends will just throw twenty bucks at an Uber like it's nothing. That’s insane to me, especially when it happened last Tuesday, because my parents still hadn’t deposited any money into my bank account.”