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Where Are They Now: Four White Pledge Bucket Hats Tell All

(04/09/18 11:23am)

Remember when white bucket hats were all the rage? It sure does bring back some memories of a simpler time. Remember when you could tell if she was too young for you just by seeing her shuffle along Locust Walk in a pledge hat? We were able to track down four of these iconic hats—though some consider their glory days long gone, others have gone on to have successful second careers.

Professor Looks Away And Walks Briskly After Making Eye Contact With Student

(04/05/18 5:58pm)

Paul Wegman (C '20) could be considered a teacher’s pet if he were in third grade. The star student is at the top of his class, consistently reaching the highest grades on every assignment and exam. He loves raising his hand, and never hesitates to correct any speaker. Wegman also hangs around office hours, pestering his professors with difficult, irrelevant questions. But college classes have a rather different environment; rapid-fire question mode isn’t conducive to lecturers finishing their presentations in a timely manner or providing one-on-one advice. 

5 Signs Your CIS Partner Is Collaborating With Someone Else

(04/02/18 11:04am)

Ever since collaboration was legalized in many CIS courses, students are freer than ever before to discuss ideas, share solutions, and dismantle each other's shoddy proofs. Most have appreciated this new era of intellectual liberation, but for some students, it has created increased pressure to settle down with a nice collaboration group and pop out some assignments. If you're feeling insecure about whether your previous partner will help you on the next homework, here are some warning signs that your collaborator is seeing someone else:

Wharton Junior Enters Van Pelt for the First Time

(04/09/18 11:26am)

Carl Timmons (W '19) walked into Van Pelt for the first time this past Tuesday. As he entered into the stacks of the library, Timmons soon became befuddled with all of the strange, incomprehensible writings on each stack of books. "Why are there weird tags everywhere?" he thought to himself, searching listlessly for a book for the first class in his college career for which he needed to write a research paper.

Girl Who Deals Coke 'Totally Understands' What It's Like For LGBT Youth to Hide a Part of Their Identities From Their Parents

(04/04/18 7:25am)

Junior Sarah Withers deals four thousand dollars' worth of coke every day. You might think she lives a glorious life of luxury and financial freedom. But, in reality, she has to keep her financial success a secret from her loved ones, and that can be hard for her.

CHEAPEST SUBLET EVER: I Will Let You Live in My Apartment for Free If You Water My Plant

(04/02/18 10:56am)

ATTENTION! You will not get a better deal than this! I will be in New York City this summer pursuing my dream of becoming incredibly wealthy, so I’m subletting my apartment for the CHEAPEST PRICE EVER. You can live there for free as long as you water my plant. It’s a succulent, so like, you don’t even need to water it that often. There are a few specifications though:

Endearingly Overeager Freshman Adds on Three Minors as If They Actually Fucking Matter

(04/09/18 11:23am)

Martin Friedman (C '21) is just adorable. He's so passionate and enthusiastic about his studies and appreciates the value of learning. A PPE major, Friedman decided that studying three fields—politics, philosophy and economics—wasn't enough to satisfy his academic cravings. So he decided to tack on three minors to his program of study.

Biden Made a Low-Profile Visit to Campus Yesterday, Not That You’re Ever Going to Meet Him Anyway

(04/11/18 10:58am)

Former Vice President—and now Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor at the University—Joe Biden made a low-profile visit to campus on Wednesday. Visiting to engage a group of students at the Annenberg School for Communications about effective campaign strategies, Biden snuck into the Walnut Street side door of Annenberg at 12:45 p.m. and was back in his car by 3.