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OP-ED: Penn Should Totally Offer Summer Classes!

(08/14/18 1:36pm)

As the summer comes to an end, I’m left thinking about all the classes I have left to take before I graduate. It’s an overwhelming number, really, and it bums me out that I spent the whole summer working as a lifeguard after only getting an offer from Apple, when I could have been using that time doing something more productive. If only it were possible to take classes at Penn during the summer…

Intern From Ivy League University Holds Most Expensive Qualifications to Print and File Papers

(07/10/18 4:31pm)

Albert Liu (E '20) was excited to spend his summer finally putting his academic work to proper use. Liu, who studies Systems Engineering, Cognitive Science, and Theoretical Physics, spent a great deal of time and money on his classes, and was hopeful to see these efforts manifest in a meaningful internship.

Internships Expose Students to Full-Time Employment—‘This Sucks,’ Say Students

(07/09/18 2:17pm)

After successfully securing a finance internship for this summer, Wharton sophomore Barry Graham thought the hard part was over. Unfortunately, he soon learned a summer internship came with certain responsibilities, the most basic of which is actually maintaining a full-time position at the company, which, according to Graham, “totally blows.”