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Guest Column by College Republicans | Why we invited Candace Owens to campus

(17 hours ago)

Few people know Candace Owens’ story. She first came into the public spotlight as a senior in high school after the son of current Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy (D) threatened to burn down her house and kill her all while repeating racial slurs. Candace Owens knows racism well, and has continued to confront it directly throughout her life. When Candace was greeted on campus by an angry hoard of mostly white Antifa mobsters shouting “get the f**k out of Philly,” none of the usually vocal liberal groups defending minorities on campus or in the broader media came to her defense. Why?

'No one is listening': Under new coach, players lose hope amid alleged mistreatment

(04/18/19 5:50am)

Caroline Furrer had led the team through a tumultuous year, dealing with what she sees as a problematic new coach and a negligent administration. On the court, she was one of the team’s stars during one of the worst seasons in program history. Off the court, she was one of the team’s fiercest advocates in its fight to be heard and taken seriously.

Student activists say Penn 'prioritizes profits' over community at teach-in for baby Quakers

(04/18/19 3:17am)

While hundreds of prospective Penn students visited campus Wednesday for the last day of Quaker Days, student activists organized a teach-in titled, "What the F**k, Penn? Part II," where students spoke about Penn’s stance against paying PILOTs and the University’s refusal to divest from fossil fuels.

Guest Column by Tamara Wurman | Candace Owens shouldn’t have been invited to Penn

(04/17/19 2:50pm)

Candace Owens, a prominent black conservative commentator and the communications director for Turning Point USA, was invited to speak at Penn earlier this week by College Republicans and The Statesman. She has risen to media attention largely because of her vocal opinions against the Black Lives Matter movement, her support for President Trump, and her recent comments about Hitler and white nationalism.