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Angelina Eimannsberger | Penn women, consider freezing your eggs

(08/06/20 11:04pm)

“Uncertainty” and “unprecedented” are the buzzwords of the past months. As the Penn community contemplates the fall semester, we realize that COVID-19 is not a brief disruption. Instead, this time of crisis is here to stay for at least one more semester, quite possibly longer. The effects of such non-normal levels of threat and exhaustion touch each individual in highly personal ways, and they are also experienced on a sliding scale of privilege.

Stephanie Yoon | College should not be the best four years of your life

(06/15/20 2:59pm)

Penn students are long awaiting an email from President Amy Gutmann announcing the University’s official decision for the upcoming academic year. The latest email, sent on May 21, details four major scenarios in consideration. All four scenarios consider some extent of online classes, and thus, it is clear that the 2020-2021 academic year will not be like any other academic year before. 

How Warren and Sanders' battle for progressives is playing out on Penn's campus

(12/02/19 3:38am)

With two months to go until the 2020 Democratic presidential primary kicks off in Iowa, former Vice President Joe Biden leads the field in national polls. But behind Biden, progressive Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are battling to overtake the moderate candidate and claim the nomination. 

Ton Nguyen | How Penn's notable alumni can inform our career ambitions

(02/15/19 4:29pm)

It’s common knowledge that Penn has produced some of the most notable leaders in various industries and fields. A statistic many hold onto is our production of more billionaires than any other university. Many students chose Penn in hopes of benefiting from this extensive alumni network and perhaps utilizing the university’s resources and title to build a legacy for themselves. But what most Penn students do not realize is that they are too fixated on an unrealistic dream, built on wealth and pre-professionalism, and fundamentally lack what it takes to one day be a notable Penn alumni.

From Ivanka Trump to John Legend, here's where Penn's most famous alumni lived on campus

(08/21/18 9:46pm)

From leaders in the technology industry to high-ranking members in the Department of Justice, Penn alumni hold prominent leadership positions across the country. While many of Penn's best-known graduates lived around Locust Walk when they were students, others, like Jon Huntsman Jr., lived some 10 blocks away. After some investigation, The Daily Pennsylvanian presents a quick guide to where some of Penn's most celebrated alumni took refuge while they were on campus: 

Alumni look back at LBJ, George H.W. elections

(10/20/16 11:56pm)

The hype over this year’s presidential election is palpable on Penn’s campus. Whether students are bumping into voter registration tables on Locust Walk, getting a photo with Penn alumna and Hillary Clinton advocate Elizabeth Banks or playing a debate drinking game, reminders of the rapidly-approaching eighth of November are everywhere. But has campus always been this energetic during times of political significance?